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And the winner is....Lori Meeboer

And the winner is....Lori Meeboer

Karin Kriekaard |

Meet this years Art Contest Winner for 2021, Lori Meeboer.

Lori Meeboer lives in Corbyville Ontario Canada.

She is a third generation painter, and has been painting professionally for about 8 years. She studied Art and English at Trent University in Peterborough, ON.  She takes her inspiration from the beauty of the rugged Canadian landscape and the determination of the Canadian spirit. 

Colour and texture play a vital role in her work and she uses them to capture a moment and invoke a memory. Lori works primarily in acrylic and her focus is mainly on abstract Canadian landscape.

It is her goal that her work will remind you of a childhood cottage, favourite camping trip, or perhaps a Sunday drive in the country.

"The Canadian experience is unique and I believe Canadian Art should reflect our strength, passion, whimsy and diversity”.   Lori Meeboer