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Jan Rinik

Jan was born in Slovakia. He graduated with a degree in Art and Agriculture. Since his childhood, Jan has spent countless hours drawing and painting. He was encouraged by his father, who was his first Art teacher.
He was recognized in England as the `Best Young European Wildlife Artist`. Inspired by Canadian nature Jan moved to Canada where he, besides his work, continues to do paintings of landscapes and wildlife.
Along with his brother Martin, Jan has illustrated and created the book Algonquin Park a Portrait - The landscape, wildlife and ecology of an iconic Canadian treasure.
The book showcases Jan`s artistic skills, and has gained recognition of experts. Jan`s wildlife paintings were highly commented by recognized Canadian wildlife artist Robert Bateman,
Jan lives in Guelph, Ontario.
“As an artist I strive to capture the beauty of nature, wildlife, the diversity of landscapes and the changing colours throughout the year.

Artist`s Statement
I had a chance to see some of reproductions of paintings of Robert Bateman. I am very much inspired also by his paintings of wildlife, and like his style very much. I like to paint images of wildlife and landscapes.
A forest, in its variety of forms, shapes and colours is perhaps one the principal themes I like to capture in my paintings and drawings. There is a certain inner harmony, which I fill when I do my paintings or drawings.
While sketching outdoors, I use pencil, watercolor or acrylic paints, whereas in the studio, I paint mostly with acrylic.
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