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Michelina Williamson

Michelina Williamson

Michelina Williamson is a painter who began her art practice as an experimental filmmaker. Williamson graduated from the Ontario College of Art’s New Media program in 1991 and exhibited work in Toronto, Montreal and Germany. In 2010, she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ontario College of Art and Design University and the next year took up painting.

“I began to feel a disconnect within the ever-increasing digital process of filmmaking. The tactility and immediacy of painting brings more meaning to my work with a physical and emotional connection.”

Emotion is at the essence of Williamson’s paintings. It is the foundation, the core from which her art emerges, develops and manifests into a physical form. She strives to capture the emotion held within places, revealing their beauty and inspiring feelings of joy and serenity.

She uses a minimalist approach to portray her subjects and infuses them with rich, bold colours. She works from sketches, photos and her imagination to create art that you can feel. Williamson’s painting process is a delicate balance between colour and composition choices and the intuitive expression of paint application.

Artists who have influenced her work include Georgia O’Keeffe, Carmen Herrera and Doris McCarthy. Over the years, Williamson’s painting style has developed as a natural progression through self-discovery and artistic practice.

Her paintings express emotions held within places, creating a connection for all who view her work. Williamson invites you to witness the beauty and experience the feelings of joy and serenity her paintings will bring to your life.

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