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Lee Shelton

"The medium I use for my wilderness expressions is handmade stained glass by the Spectrum Company. Upon seeing Spectrum Glass for the first time I fell in love with its dark and light striations. The hand created variegations in each sheet capture that energy and movement which harmonize beautifully with my windswept landscapes.  As each sheet is so unique my initial design stage is to stare at the glass and let the landscape reveal itself antamount to one staring at the clouds and seeing the images within. By using a sandblasting process I am able to wear down the glass, unveiling layers of colour, which help to compliment and echo my windswept imagery.  The image itself remains raised out from the background, able to capture highlight and shadow through its contours." - Lee Shelton

This unique process and the nature of handmade glass combine to create truly one of a kind pieces.

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