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Daniel Marlatt

 Daniel born in  Toronto in 1960, he now resides in the Kawartha's in Central Ontario. A natural born artist , he experimented with various mediums throughout grade and high schools, unfortunately never had the opportunity to continue his study of art. It is only the last few years that he has had the opportunity to re-ignite his passion of creation, experimenting with sculpture , natural elements , stains and epoxy resins , He is not just tapping into the visual but also textural which he encourages the beholder to touch as well as see. Daniel moved to the Kawartha's and is in his element absorbing his surroundings which reflects in his current body of work. Each piece is one of a kind, drawing from his experiences with nature , he creates remarkable landscapes and seascapes integrating real stone from the historical and mysterious Miskwaa Ziibi river, close to his home

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