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Art Contest 2023 Winner Is......

Art Contest 2023 Winner Is......

Karin Kriekaard |

Penny Gabor is an artist currently finding her inspiration in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario along the beautiful shores of Great Lakes Superior and Huron.  Canada’s vast and wild landscapes offer endless creative stimulus for this artist and her medium of Alcohol Ink.

“There is an unexplainable draw for me to the way nature lives within a forceful contrast of gentle, life-giving beauty and raw, wild strength.  Whether it is the way that a tree grows out of a rock, or the way water swells and retreats; the way a solid wave crashes on rocks and then breaks into a massive spray, or the way a tiny, delicate flower is blown by the wind - I am just mesmerized by these natural juxtapositions, and the strength and beauty found in the persistence of nature.  
It is a constant reminder to me, to press on, and never give up - for beauty emerges here.  Life seems to come into perspective when among the elements and I feel closer and more connected to my creator.
Alcohol ink characterizes this notion beautifully, not only because of its intense, highly saturated and yet translucent colours, but because of its chemistry and uncontrollable nature.  It is a continual reminder to embrace the unexpected, and to persevere until something of beauty emerges.

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