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Eclipse Colouring Book

Eclipse Colouring Book

Karin Kriekaard |


Take your mind of everything and spend some stress-free time colouring!

 Eclipse gallery has invited a select group of our artists to be part of a special colouring book. Each artist has sketched one of their fav artworks, check them out on  Eclipse Art Gallery’s link and download the whole colouring book, print it and have fun!

The colouring book is free for you to download and to enjoy with your family,  friends and followers.

When you are done colouring, the artists will love to see your work.
Post your amazing artwork on Instagram and tag us #COLOURWITHECLIPSE
The best-coloured drawing will win an amazing art prize! Have fun!

Download & Print 'Eclipse & Friends Colouring Book' HERE!

(Make sure you set your printer at A4 format, fit to printable area, choose the colouring page and print!)

Thank you artists, for your generous collaboration and @liveedgeforest for the help putting this out there.

Isolation during the Covid19 Pandemic has been hard for all of us. Staying home is our best attack against this contagious virus, we thank all of you who have been diligently complying.

We are seeing a little bit of light at the end of this tunnel, hang in there!

Our artists have been spending all their time at home as well, fortunately, able to create art but not having the opportunity to participate in any art shows and sell their work.

We would truly appreciate if you can share feedback with the artists once you have finished your colouring. Let's continue supporting our talented Canadian artists.

Check out their amazing work:

@LindaSorensen @CathyMark @ElvaHook @crystalclarkeart @JennyGordon @KarenRichardson @TerryAnanny @WynneParkin @EleanorLowden @DianeBrown-Green